Soccer Report

Superintendent Tom Mulligan recently presented a feasibility study to the Arcola School Board on whether or not to offer soccer in the Arcola School District.

This report includes the information in the following areas: student interest; information from similar sized schools that operate both football and soccer currently; logistics (field, travel, schedule, etc.); dual sport participation at the high school level; a review of recreation league participation; Title IV implications; conclusions and a recommendation.

In the end, the superintendent recommended against starting a soccer program at this time.  He cited declining enrollment, problems associated with dual sport participation and student interest survey results as the reasons for the recommendation. 

The school board will be discussing the report at their board meeting on January 11, 2023 in the high school library.

Soccer Feasibility Study 2023

Soccer Feasibility Study 2023 - Spanish Version

To reports below are from 2019:

Soccer Feasibility Study 

Soccer Feasibility Study (Spanish Version)