As many of you know, the IHSA recently took a stance that was contrary to the protocols outlined by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) regarding high school basketball.  Yesterday, the IHSA informed school districts that they have scheduled a meeting with several organizations, including the Governor’s office, for Thursday, November 19.  Until that time, they are recommending that all schools should adhere to Level 1 mitigations from the IDPH All Sports Policy.  This basically means that there can be no scrimmaging during practice and there can be no contests played.  Practice must focus solely on individual skill development and conditioning.

Unless IDPH changes its stance that basketball must adhere to the Level 1 mitigations from the IDPH All Sports Policy, the Arcola High School basketball teams will be practicing but will not be scrimmaging or participating in any contents (games).  Everyone in the school district wants to be able to provide the full extra-curricular experience for our basketball athletes and we hope that IDPH will re-evaluate their stance on basketball.  Regardless, the district will follow the IDPH Guidelines.