EIU Dual Credit

Fifteen students from Arcola High School were able to earn College Credit hours from Eastern Illinois University during the first semester!  The courses were co-taught by an Eastern Illinois University Instructor and an Arcola High School Teacher.  The two courses offered in the fall semester were English Literature and Speech.  There will three courses taught second semester including American History, Composition, and Environmental Science.

Students can earn up to 15 college credit hours in one year while also using the same courses for high school credit.  All of these dual credit hours are also transferable to any publicly funded Community College, College or University in Illinois.

Another great benefit for the students is that the courses are taken at a much reduced cost from normal tuition costs.  A portion of the cost is paid for by the students but another portion is paid for by a generous donation from The Libman Company located right here in Arcola.  The Libman Company strongly supports the College and Career Readiness of Arcola students.