Device Insurance

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

 As many of you know, the district has purchased new technology devices for students in Grades 7-12 for the upcoming school year.  This represents a significant investment into our students’ future.  But with this investment, there also needs to be a great deal of responsibility.  Each student in Grades 7-12 will receive a 10.5” iPad Pro, a Case/Keyboard combination and an Apple Pencil.  The district investment per student is over $800.  As a result, it will be critical that each student take great care of the equipment so it will last for the next four years.

The district is offering a terrific deal for families in regards to buying protection insurance for the iPad Pro device.  For a $15 fee per year, a student will NOT be charged the fine for accidental damage to the device while the device is in the school-issued case.  Without insurance, the fine for damage will be: $25 first offense, $50 second offense and $100 third offense.  As you can see, although the insurance is optional, it would be a very wise for a family to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Another benefit to having the $15 annual insurance has to do with lost or completely destroyed devices. While the insurance does NOT cover lost/stolen devices, intentional damage or damage that occurs when the device in NOT in the school-issued case; purchasing the insurance will lower the cost for replacing a device.  Without insurance, the replacement cost for a lost/destroyed device will be $594 but that drops down to $295 with the insurance.

To be clear, the insurance does NOT cover damage to the case/keyboard, the Apple pencil and its accessories; and the iPad charging cord of block.

I strongly encourage each and every student to have the device insurance.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 268-4963 or contact me by e-mail at


Dr. Tom Mulligan, Superintendent