Arcola School District E-Learning Plan

1. Notice in Arcola Record Herald – February 10, 2022, Documentation sent to parents and bargaining unit on 2-12-2022.

2. Consideration for board approval on 2-22-2022.

3. Identify hardware and software that is required for teachers and staff for the program.

The teachers will be required to have access to their MacBook and will need internet connectivity.  They will need to have access to their student management system TeacherEase, email, and a variety of platforms such as google classroom, class dojo, seesaw, etc.

4. Do all teachers and staff have access to the hardware and software required to deliver e-learning program?

We have a few teachers and students that have indicated they do not have internet at home.  100% of our teachers and students have access to hardware and software required.  Those teachers and students without internet will be provide a Verizon Hotspot for connectivity.

5. How will the district ensure and verify at least 5 clock hours of instruction or school work.

  • Students in grades 7-12 will receive daily assignments on google classroom.  Teachers will post the daily assignments, instructional videos, etc. by 9 am each day.  Students will have 7 different assignments lasting 45-50 minutes in length.  Students will be required to submit assignments back to the teacher no later than 8 am the following day. Lessons and assignments should include an instructional component, practice application, and a demonstration of learning.  Teachers will have office hours from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm (with a half hour for lunch taken off during that time) on remote learning days.  Teachers can also schedule class google meets if necessary.
  • Students in Grades Preschool – Grade 6: The teacher will conduct a class meeting on the day of eLearning at the following times:

8:00: AM Gr 1

8:15 AM Gr 2

8:30 AM Gr 3

8:45 AM Gr 4

9:00 AM Gr 5

9:15 AM Gr 6

During that meeting, the teacher will explain the assignments and provide the necessary instruction to students.  The assignments also should be 20-30 minutes in length with students completing a total of 300 minutes of learning activities for the day.  Assignments with instructions will also be posted on the classroom online tool (Seesaw or Google Classroom). Teachers may have other Google meetings throughout the day as needed.   Specialist teachers (music, art PE, and band) will provide a menu of options to be shared with the students through their classroom platforms. 

PreK: Classroom teachers will post a greeting and story for students on the PreK Parent Facebook page along with a menu of learning activities. If time permits, hard copies of the choice boards will be provided. 

K: Classroom teachers will post a greeting and any necessary instruction on Seesaw. Hard copies or paper packets may also be provided.

6. How will district ensure access from home or other appropriate remote facility for all students participating, including computers, internet, and other forms of electronic communication that must be used in the proposed program?

All students in the school district in Grades K-12 have either an iPad or iPad Pro device. Each student in the district also has a school issued device.  The district made contact with each family that did not have internet access at home and provided Verizon Hotspots for any families that still did not have Internet connectivity.

7. How will the district ensure that non-electronic materials are made available to students in the program who do not have access to technology or to participating or to participating teacher or students who are prevented from accessing the required technology?

The district has 100% connectivity but if we did not have that, we will be sure to send hard copies of assignments home with the students that do not have access to technology.

8, 9, 10. How will the district ensure appropriate learning opportunities for students with special needs, English Learners and other students unique needs as identified by the district.

The school district recognizes that students receiving special education services, 504 accommodations, interventions and language services will need additional support during this time. Many of these staff members will provide direct contact, instruction, support and therapy through interactive platforms, phone calls and emails. 

  • Students with IEPs will follow their remote learning plans included in their individualized plans.
  • Guidance counselors will check remotely with students as scheduled.  
  • ESL/Bilingual teachers will work with classroom teachers to provide support for English Learner students. They will also check in with students needing language support during the day.
  • Intervention teachers will work with classroom teacher to assign appropriate intervention assignments for that day.

11. How will the district monitor and verify each student’s electronic participation?

For students in Grades 7-12:

  • Students will need to check in daily for attendance through TeacherEase.  Check-in time will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each day.
  • Parents will receive a phone call from the school if their child does not check in for attendance as required. 
  • If a student cannot access TeacherEase, the parent/student will need to call the office (and leave a message) or email Ms. Diaz ( to report attendance
  • Students will be required to submit “proof of learning” back to the teacher no later than 8:00 a.m. the following day or by the teachers assigned due date. Proof of learning will be assigned by each teacher and can be a completion of an assignment, exit ticket response, participation in a Google chat room, proof of note taking, etc. 

For students in Preschool – Grade 6

  • Assignments and lessons will be posted on the classroom online instructional tool by 9 am each day. Each classroom will also hold a daily google meeting as scheduled. Students are expected to access assignments and complete them on a daily basis.

12. How will the district address the extent to which student participation is within the student’s control as to the time, place and means of learning?

Our plan takes into account a differentiated experience for each student.  We develop learning activities but then our teachers and support staff are also checking with each individual.  We also work with students and families that struggle to access material on any given e-learning day by allowing students to make up work not completed on e-learning days.  No student will be negatively impacted because of their home situation with regard to access.  Students will receive an incomplete until the work is make up.  If it cannot be completed, the grade will be removed from the calculation of that student’s overall grade.  This will be handled in a case by case basis.

13. How will the district provide effective notice to students and their parents of the use of particular days for e-learning?

The district will provide written documentation outlining expectations directly to each family. 

14. How will the district provide staff and students with adequate training for e-learning days’ participation?

The district’s remote learning plan includes the same strategies that will be used with e-learning days moving forward.  All staff and students will receive training and practice on accessing google meets, etc. prior to implementation. We will also periodically practice e-learning strategies with the younger students next year to ensure they are prepared when we use an e-learning day.

15. How will the district ensure an opportunity for collective bargaining negotiations with representatives from the school district’s employees that would legally be required, including all classifications of school district employees who are represented by collective bargaining agreements and who would be affected in the event of e-learning?

The district developed the remote learning plan, which uses the exact principles that will be used in the district e-learning plan, in conjunction with association leadership. We have reviewed the plan in conjunction with the local association leadership.

16. How will the district review and revise the program as implemented to address difficulties confronted?

The district has also developed a feedback google document for teachers, parents and students.  We are currently reviewing those documents as we progress through remote learning.  We will keep the same documents in place when moving into e-learning so we can be sure to address any problems immediately.

17. How will the district ensure that the protocol regarding general expectations and responsibilities of the program will be communicated to the teachers, staff and students at least 30 days in advance of using e-learning day?

We will communicate directly with families outlining expectations.  In addition, we will do on-going training with students.