District Tax Rate

The school district was recently notified from the Douglas and Coles County Clerks that the school district property tax rate would again be dropping for the 6th straight year in a row.  The school district portion of an individual’s property tax bill is usually the largest portion of the bill.  To calculate the amount of property taxes that will be due to the school district, the county clerk will multiply the district property tax rate by the equalized assessed value of the piece of property (per $100 of assessed value).   There are two reasons why an individual’s property taxes can increase from year to year.  The first reason would be an increase in the property tax rate, which is greatly impacted by the school district.  The second reason would be an increase in the assessed value of the property, which is done by the county tax assessor.  The school district has nothing to do with that assessment.

The Arcola School District tax rate for 2021 taxes will be $4.4022%.  This rate has declined each year since 2015 when the rate was $4.5815%.   The Arcola Board of Education is committed to maintaining a stable tax rate for the community.  The school district leadership wants to thank property owners for their amazing support of the school district.