Boys/Girls State Delegates and Alternates

Congratulations to this year’s Delegates and Alternates: 

Boys State Delegates:                       Girls State Delegates:

Myles Roberts                                     Alayna Johns

Hector Lozano                                    Olivia Key

                                                               Molly Mahannah

Alternates:                                          Alternates:

Alex Downs                                        Shelby Shafer

Gavin Coombe                                  Mary Jose Alanis

Jorge Ramirez                                   Logan Headrick

A BIG thank you to the following employers and organizations for sponsoring:

Arcola First Bank

Lindemeyer Insurance

Herff Jones

Arcola Lions Club

Diamond Brothers Insurance

Rankin Publishing

Boyer Investment Advisors

Otto Real Estate

Dr. Robert Aarol

Also pictured above American Legion Adjutant Ken Reveal.