Senior Meeting Recap
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarship application packets were handed out for all of our local scholarships. We have a very generous community! All college-bound students should take the time to apply.
    • APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BACK BY 3:00PM WEDNESDAY MARCH 13. They will not be accepted after 3:00pm that day.
    • They are also posted electronically in the Class of 2019 Google Classroom.
    • Proofread, double check, triple check. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Take the time to make your applications look professional. 
    • Students are strongly encouraged to type their applications and then print them rather than handwriting them. If you do handwrite, use pen not pencil.
    • There will be one more scholarship application released on March 1.

  • FINANCIAL AID: Students who have completed and submitted their FAFSA should have received an Award Letter from the colleges they put on their FAFSA. If you have completed your FAFSA, but haven't received an Award Letter, contact your college's financial aid office as soon as possible.
    • ISAC will be here next Tuesday 2/26 to go over Award Letters with seniors and explain their financial aid options. If interested, seniors should sign up for an appointment with ISAC through Mrs. Mendez.
    • If you haven't done your FAFSA, do so ASAP. Mrs. Mendez can help!

  • SENIOR DEVELOPMENT DAY: On Tuesday April 9, fresh/soph/juniors will be testing all day (PSAT/SAT). Seniors will participate in one of the following activities instead of attending school. The chosen activity will count as their attendance. Seniors were given a gold sheet of paper to fill out with their plans for April 9. THIS FORM IS DUE BACK THURSDAY, MARCH 28, or the absence for April 9 will be UNEXCUSED with consequences.
    • College Visit/Advising appointment: Contact the college and set up your appointment.
    • Community Service: Find somewhere to volunteer and complete a minimum of 4 hours.
    • Job Shadow: Find someone to job shadow in your chosen career field and complete a minimum of 4 hours.
    • Work: If you already have a job, you may work that day.
    • The guidance office is happy to help you set up any of these activities!!
    • FOR ALL OF THESE OPTIONS, we will require proof of your activity: a signed note from your community service or job shadow supervisor, work manager, or proof of college visit turned into the guidance office by Friday, April 12.

Feel free to email the guidance office with questions: Mrs. Mendez,, Mrs. Phillips,, or Mrs. Vandeveer,